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Oceanz Seafood Markets is New Zealand’s largest specialist seafood retailer. It was formed in 2003 by a successful local businessman who had a lifetime passion for fishing.  The opportunity to turn his passion into his business, along with the chance to participate in a business that provided positive health benefits to consumers, led to the opening of the Botany store in August 2003.
Over time the company has grown with the addition of one of New Zealand's largest fishing companies as a shareholder and five additional stores around the greater Auckland region.
These stores are located in Mt Wellington, Auckland Fish Market, Albany, Silverdale and Mairangi Bay.
While our stores are different in size and the range of products they offer, the goal remains the same – to deliver the highest quality range of seafood that is available in New Zealand.
We source our fish from the best fishermen, we handle it with extreme care and our experienced staff ensures that it is delivered to you in whatever form you desire – from a cleaned whole fish to freshly battered with our award winning chips.

Fish Supply

The greatest challenge in providing high quality fresh fish to New Zealanders is taming the extraordinarily dynamic elements of fish supply. Factors such as quota limits, export markets, currency, weather conditions, season, daily mix of fish caught, very short shelf life, quality of fish condition from sea to shore, then shore to store…. etc, all affect availability, quality and price.
Oceanz have solved this via a combination of factors:
  • We have an associated entity that catches a large portion of the fish sold;
  • Our owners own fishing quota and control a significant amount more;
  • We have in place strategic supply arrangements with a number of fishermen and fishing companies;
  • We have developed strong capability in how to identify high quality product.
Critically, this allows Oceanz to present the “boat to the plate” claim which is key to delivering on a sustainable basis the highest quality and freshest product available in New Zealand.
Ownership of a fishing company has also filled the Oceanz team with respect and understanding of the total fishing supply chain. Oceanz has developed and recruited strong seafood instincts and this is contributing to a higher quality product to its customers.

Why Eat Seafood?

Evidence suggests that you get real health benefits when you eat just two servings of seafood every week — that’s about 200–400g of seafood.
These include
  • lowering the risk of coronary heart disease,
  • developing nerve and brain cells in infants,
  • lowering blood pressure,
  • reducing the risk of cancer,  
  • improving arthritis and asthma symptoms
  • making your skin look better!
So what’s in seafood that makes it so good?
New Zealand seafood is:
  • High in Omega-3 and fatty acids
  • High in protein
  • Low in carbohydrates
  • Low in saturated fats
  • A good source of essential minerals and vitamins
  • Completely natural and easy to digest
New Zealand seafood is great value for money. Just look at what you get when you buy seafood — no fat to cut away, no wasteful gristle, just protein-packed flesh that’s full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and health-promoting omega-3s.
Nutritionists say that fish makes you feel full for longer than other protein foods - so you won't need to snack before your next meal. This makes fish a great protein choice for calorie counters and budget-wise shoppers with hungry families to feed.
Also our strict Quota Management System means that the seafood you see for sale in New Zealand has been responsibly fished from a sustainably managed resource.
Wild - natural – sustainable and good for you!

The Oceanz Experience

At Oceanz we are proud of what we have achieved in delivering a consistently high quality of seafood to our customers.
Our fish and chips in particular have long been recognized as the best available in Auckland and this has been backed up by the awards we have received. 
In 2008 Metro Magazine named Oceanz as having the best Fish and Chips in Auckland.  In giving the award they said “It is not often we say this: the chain is setting the standard. Oceanz has five fish and chip outlets and any one of them will give you deliciously fresh fish, crisp tasty batter, chunky chips and all the fishy variations you could want. Yum”
Our Silverdale store was named New Zealand’s Top Chip Shop in 2013 and 2009 and this followed our Botany store winning the regional award in 2006 and our Albany store winning the regional award in 2007 & 2008.
At Oceanz we pride ourselves on the consistency of our seafood and we welcome your feedback – please come and enjoy the experience.


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