Seafood and Health

There is nothing more healthy than seafood. When you buy seafood there is no wastage so it also offers great value. 


Seafood: Eight reasons to love it  

1 It’s a ‘superfood’
The Omega-3 found in oil-rich fish is one of the best presents you can give your body. It’s good for your heart and your eyes, it helps to keep your skin clear and it’s great for healthy looking hair. Omega-3 is also brilliant ‘brain food’ – it can help to boost your memory and concentration.
2 Calcium makes you strong
The most important mineral for your bones is calcium – and seafood is a rich and natural source. Try anchovies or grilled sardines, which are eaten with bones for extra calcium. The Vitamin D present in much seafood also helps your body absorb the calcium.
3 Protein gives you power
Protein-rich fish and shellfish provides nourishment for you muscles and helps you to fight colds and flu. Eat fish to help ward off the sniffles.
4 The eyes have it
Seafood is a valuable source of Vitamin A – which is essential for healthy eyes and skin.
5 Energy boost
The B-vitamins in seafood help to turn your food into energy. Ever wondered why so many athletes talk about eating grilled fish and vegetables? The answer’s on the stopwatch.
6 It’s just my metabolism
A healthy dose of iodine-rich seafood on a regular basis will help to keep your metabolism steady – which is good for your heart, your weight and, well… your whole body! Where’s the fish counter?!
7 Stay in shape
Not only is seafood delicious to eat, it’s also one of the lowest-fat forms of protein and minerals. Eating lean whitefish will keep you at the right weight, boost your immunity and help to convert food into energy.
8 Make you feel happy
Eating well can have a positive effect on your mood. Scientists have discovered that eating seafood can lower the risk of depression.  
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