Tuna with Parsley & Mint Crust

Serves 6
Ready in 20 minutes
• 6 Tuna Steaks about 2cm thick
• 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
• 2 cups (100g) fresh breadcrumbs
• 2 cloves garlic (finely chopped)
• 2 tablespoons chopped flat leaf parsley
• 2 tablespoons chopped fresh mint
• Lettuce leaves to serve
• Lime wedges to serve

Preheat barbeque or hot plate to a high heat.
Brush Tuna on both sides with a little oil and season with salt and pepper.
Combine breadcrumbs, garlic, parsley and mint on a plate, and dredge tuna in mixture, patting well.
Drizzle steaks with a little oil and place on barbeque. Cook for about 3-4 mins each side or until char marks appear. Serve on a bed of lettuce, with lime wedges on the side.
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