Tuna and Scallop Kebabs

2 doz scallops
400g tuna
8 kebab sticks
½ kg spinach
100g butter
250g mushrooms
½ tsp star anise
100ml cream
½ tsp coriander
¼ C marsala

Cut the tuna into 24 even sized pieces and skewer onto kebab sticks alternately with the scallops. Spinach puree:
In a pot of salted boiling water cook the spinach for 2 minutes, drain thoroughly then puree in the food processor with 50g of butter. Mushroom cappuccino:
Into the food processor put the mushrooms, marsala, coriander and star anise. When pureed, put in a pan with 50g of butter and 100ml
of cream — boil and reduce by a third.
Just before serving, give the sauce a vigorous whisk to give a cappuccino like appearance.

Serve the kebabs a top the spinach and surround with mushroom cappuccino.

Serves: 8
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